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The World’s Best Pâtisseries


Posted by Intelligent Travel, National Geographic.

Patisserie 46 is honored to have been listed as one of the world’s best patisseries by National Geographic. See the full list.

Pastry chef John Kraus of Patisserie 46: The sweet life


Written in three parts by Kara Buckner, City Pages [photo credit: City Pages]

Part 1

In part 1, we meet the chef and his wife (who opened their dream bakery in 2010), and were treated to a behind-the-scenes account of Kraus’s win at the Food Network Chocolate Challenge. Read Part 1

Part 2

In part 2, we jump to the early stages of his career, as he crosses paths with two of London’s premiere cooking talents. Read Part 2

Part 3

In part 3, everything comes together, and the craft he’s worked so hard to hone helps him create the life for his family he’s always wanted. Read Part 3

Patisserie 46 debuts new line of chocolates

patisserie chocolates

Written in by Kara Buckner, City Pages [photo credit: City Pages]

Spring has never tasted so sweet.

In recent weeks, pastry chef John Kraus of Patisserie 46 has rolled out an impressive choc-stravaganza ranging from chocolates and confections to bars and bouches–a sweet tsunami that’s been months in the making. Read the article.